INTJs are commonly thought of as cold, calculating assholes with little interest in human interaction. Some INTJs even come to believe this nonsense about themselves. In reality, I think that INTJs are misunderstood romantics who secretly long to have someone to understand them. 

Now, when I say “romantic,” we have to understand that this means something different to an INTJ. It doesn’t mean sappy gifts or cuddles or butterfly kisses or any of that bullshit, it means having someone with you to understand you wholly and completely, to talk to about life and the universe, and to support you in your ambitions. That’s what romance is to an INTJ. 

I think many INTJs have become jaded with the concept of love because it seems so warped and twisted by society, dwindled into mushy, shallow drivel by the media and popular culture. They themselves have been misunderstood and trampled upon, so they guard their heart with their cold intellect and vow to never let anyone see and destroy their precious inner world. 

But that doesn’t make an INTJ happy. In my interpretation, I think that INTJs are secretly intense, passionate people with a longing to find that same, genuine intensity in someone else. But they are intelligent, and so keep those desires away from the world until they meet someone worthy enough to share it with. 

What do you guys think? Does it seem accurate to you? Being the only INTJ I know well, I’ve drawn this conclusion entirely from my own experience. Please share yours.